Web Design
A website is your businesses online home base.  A great logo and advertiseing campaign are not worth much without a strong web presence.  
We design websites like we design logos.  It is all about showing your customers who you are.  A good design can show off the tone of your business, whether its artisinal or corporate.  The website should prominently feature your product or service. 

The design of a website should never over shadow the item its trying to sell, instead it should showcase your product and increase sales!
User friendly!
One of the most important features of a website should be ease of use. Potential customers can easily be detered by a cluttered, badly designed website.  The last thing your site should do is turn away business!

However it is not only about the end user.  Your business is dynamic and your web site needs to be able to keep pace.  You should never dread having to change content on your web site.  We use a robust Content Management System (CMS) that allows you, the business owner, to easily maintain your website without the frustration of learning code or hiring an outside web design service.